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Coastal Romance I Romantic Wedding Ceremony by the sea in Greece

Romantic beach wedding ceremony by the sea in Greece.

In the gentle embrace of the ocean breeze, love takes center stage amidst this minimalist beach setup in Crete, featuring delicate olive leaves, fragrant white flowers and a scenic backdrop of the sea that complemented the wedding day beautifully.

Beachside Decor: To enhance the natural beauty of the beach, this beach wedding setup in Crete often incorporated elements that complement the surroundings. The round wedding arch filled with greenery, olive branches and variety of white flowers such as roses, peonies, hydrangeas and more added a touch of whimsy and elegance and created the perfect background for this romantic wedding ceremony on the beach.

A charming aisle lined with flower arrangements lead the way to an intricately decorated arch, standing tall against the backdrop of the azure waters. The beautifully woven flower arrangements followed the same pattern as the arch creating an organic and ethereal setting that epitomizes the essence of a beach wedding in Crete.

The wedding chairs were chosen carefully and not only complemented the wedding colours but also the surroundings.

Overall a beach wedding setup in Crete offers an idyllic combination of natural beauty, romance, and cultural richness. With its pristine beaches, stunning sunsets, and warm hospitality, Crete sets the stage for a truly unforgettable celebration of love. Whether you desire an intimate gathering or a grand affair, this Greek island will leave you and your guests with memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.


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