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Shay and Vedad's Spectacular Clifftop Villa Wedding in Chania

wedding table setup

Love, luxury, and breathtaking views converged as Shay and Vedad celebrated their union in a mesmerizing ceremony at a luxurious villa perched atop the cliffs of Chania. Every detail of their destination wedding in Greece was a symphony of sophistication and romance, painting an unforgettable picture against the backdrop of the endless sea.

Gold mirror wedding welcome sign

From the very first glimpse, guests were welcomed with an air of opulence. A gold mirror welcome sign stood as a beacon, inviting guests into a world of sheer elegance. As they entered, the soulful melody of a saxophonist serenaded them while they indulged in welcome drinks, setting the tone for an evening of celebration and joy.

Couple holding hands and bride holding a flower bouquet

The ceremony was a floral fantasy, with a floor enriched in a tapestry of white and pink blossoms interwoven with lush greens. Transparent ghost chairs and delicate aisle flower arrangements guided the path toward the breathtaking vista where Shay and Vedad exchanged their vows.

Wedding table setup with fairy lights tunnel

The tablescape was a masterpiece in itself—an artful blend of modernity and grace. A

S-shaped mirror table became the stage for the evening's culinary delights, complemented by ghost transparent chairs, clear charger plates with intricate gold details, and silver cutlery. Beige napkins tied in elegant knots added a touch of understated refinement, while small olive oil bottles awaited each guest as a thoughtful gift.

Wedding table setup, mirror table

The stationery, adorned in pristine white with delicate white wax stamps, added a sense of timeless sophistication. Amidst the tables, small group flower arrangements intertwined with flickering candles, creating an ambiance that whispered romance with every flicker of light. A light tunnel graced the tables, casting a mesmerizing glow that danced across the setting.

couple holding each other and a champagne tower

Post-ceremony, the celebration took flight with an open bar and a lively mix of live music and DJ beats. The clinking of glasses echoed as Shay and Vedad showcased their love with a captivating champagne tower, marking the start of a sumptuous dinner which  unfolded under the mesmerizing light tunnel.

couple holding hands

As the night unfolded, the atmosphere crackled with energy and excitement. Shay's grand entrance in her second dress, a dazzling maxi sequin gown that shimmered with every step alongside Vedad, heralded the beginning of a party that radiated joy. The sparkled aisle formed by guests ushered in an aura of pure jubilation, while a dedicated cocktails bar served the couple's favorite concoctions, ensuring the merriment never waned. The sequins on Shay's dress caught the light, adding an extra touch of glamour to the celebratory ambiance.

fire show performed by two girls at a wedding

For those seeking moments of relaxation, a shisha lounge offered a tranquil oasis amidst the revelry. And as the evening reached its crescendo, a dazzling fire show illuminated the sky, a fittingly spectacular end to a night overflowing with love and celebration.


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